Confirmation at Immanuel

A journey of growth, exploration and discovery

Our goal is to equip participants to discern whether they are called by God to affirm their baptism and join the full membership of the church.

1) Explore the Christian faith

a. Actively participate in worship and gain an understanding of the elements of the “Order of Worship”
b. Learn basic Bible structure
c. Read and reflect on the Gospel of Luke
d. Explore basic tenets of Christianity (trinity, discipleship, sacraments, stewardship)
e. Explore the other Abrahamic religions (Islam, Judaism)

2) Grow in faith through fellowship and community service

a. Grow in relationship with God and one another through active participation in fellowship, learning, reflection and service.

3) Discover the love and support of our faith family

a. Develop a supportive “web” of faithful people
b. Develop a relationship with a special mentor
c. Develop a statement of faith

4) Grow in faith with everyday life connections and actions

a. Grow thankfulness
b. Develop a meaningful prayer life
c. Lead devotions
d. Know your ministry plan

5)Explore the history of Immanuel and the identity of the United Church of Christ.

6)Grow in church leadership

a. Liturgical leaders
b. Committee/board opportunities