Called to Care

Called To Care volunteers are church members with gifts for care giving who have had extensive training in providing emotional and spiritual care. These volunteers provide caring, listening, prayer, support, and encouragement. They are available on Sunday mornings following the worship service and for ongoing in-home visitation.

Gene Flynn
(860) 212-7347

Called To Care Q&A

What is Called To Care? I’ve heard about it but don’t really know what it is.

Called To Care is a part of the pastoral care ministry of Immanuel Congregational Church. In addition to the care that our ordained clergy provides to members, Called To Care volunteers provide one-on-one connection to people in the midst of a difficult time. This care connection can take the form of an in-home visit in which help can be lent by the intentional act of attentive and empathetic listening or reading a scripture passage.

I’m concerned about a church member and would like him/her to receive a visit from a Called To Care volunteer. How do I make this happen?

We have 10 trained Called To Care volunteers. Some are matched in on-going relationships and some are in between matches. All referrals for a Called To Care volunteer should go to Gene Flynn, (860) 212-7347, Gene will talk with you or the church member who has been referred and make a match with a Called To Care volunteer based on the ability and comfort level of the volunteer to work within that person’s particular issue.

I would like to speak to someone about an issue. How do I do that?

The process of matching you to a Called To Care volunteer would be the same as mentioned above.

I might be interested in becoming a Called To Care volunteer. How do I find out more about the program and what type of training would I receive?

  • Training for New CTC Volunteers – Timing TBD
  • This 30-hour training program is designed to prepare volunteers to conduct pastoral visits at the home, hospital, or other health care facility.
  • Educational Session for CTC Caregivers – Fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm
  • Guests are invited to join the CTC volunteers to provide information that is used during the visits. Examples of some of the topics that have been addressed are: dementia, funeral planning, communion in the home and prayers for the sick.
  • CTC Case Review Session – Last Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm
  • Each month, the CTC volunteers meet to support, encourage, and make suggestions to each other in order to provide consistent, confidential and compassionate care to our friends and members.

 To learn more about the program at any time, please reach out to Gene Flynn (, 860-212-7347) or any of the Called to Care volunteers. You can identify Called to Care volunteers on Sundays by the blue name tags they wear.