Environmental Action Committee Resources

Mission Statement

To live Immanuel Congregational Church’s vision to be a Just Peace, Open and Affirming, Multicultural, and Environmentally Conscious church that takes positive actions collectively and individually to be good Stewards of Nature and the Environment, address Climate Change, educate, advocate and take actions in order to fulfill the Mission to be environmentally engaged.

 Goals and Purposes

1.      Establish goals and actions to reduce the carbon imprint of the church and to establish sound environmental practices of the congregation.

2.      Raise awareness of church members of steps to safe guard the environment, integrate sound environmental practices in daily lives, educate and advocate for actions to protect the environment and address Climate Change.

3.      Achieve Level III Status as a Green House of Worship as defined by the Inter-religious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN).

4.      Annually review and report to Church Council on the accomplishments of goals and actions of the Environmental Action Committee.

 Contact Person

Roland G. Axelson, Committee Chair      Email:  rgaxelson@gmail.com