Love and Work for Justice

Immanuel’s vision guided by the Gospel
We carry it out by actively caring for each other, our neighbors, and this city.

Recently, we have embarked upon a bold journey to become an anti-racist institution.  Recognizing that white supremacy is not merely a failure of American institutions, but the design, our newly created Undoing Racism Task Force is working to dismantle racism within our institution as well as in the broader society. The goal is to become a fully inclusive, anti-racist multicultural church in a transformed society.

To further love and work for justice, the church has also launched a Criminal Justice Reform Task Force to advocate for criminal justice reform in Greater Hartford, and an Environmental Action Committee to reduce the church’s carbon footprint and establish sound, sustainable environmental practices.

Below you will find some links to helpful resources.  If you are interested in learning more or joining any of these initiatives, email