Second Hour Sunday, May 21st, following Worship: The Art of Wendy West

We hope you’ll join us in the Parlor and on a tour through Fellowship Hall as artist Wendy West discusses her artwork Here is information on her upcoming exhibit:

and still…

Uncertainty. Pain. Fear. Knowing these are a part of life as a human being, and life in this time of change for community, nation and planet, we can still make a choice each moment to act with love, faith and courage.

In acting together to create space for justice, in moments of quiet reflection, in meditation on the ebb and flow of nature, we can allow God to transform sorrow and doubt into beauty and hope. And still… is a collection of work expressing my struggle and my joy in discovering over and over again what faith is, and what faith looks like, either in action or in stillness. It is a gift to share my work with you in this sacred space, in hope it will spark conversation, communicate shared experience, or simply give joy in the beholding of color, form and texture. 
~ Wendy West