$15/hour Minimum Wage Bill: Action Requested

The bill (House Bill 6208) calling for a $15/hour minimum wage for CT low-wage workers is in the legislature and has been referred to the Appropriations Committee for consideration. The proposal is supported by the CT Conference of the United Church of Christ and by over several hundred members and friends of Immanuel Congregational Church and four other Hartford-area UCC congregations. 

Although the proposal has over 40 legislator cosponsors, including the Democratic leader of the Senate, there is still considerable disinterest or outright opposition. It is important that you email members of the Appropriations Committee with your support. Your message can be as simple as "I am XXX living in YYY and I urge you to support HB 6208 concerning increasing the minimum wage for low-wage workers in Connecticut."

The list of members of the Appropriations Committee and their email addresses can be found at this link: https://www.cga.ct.gov/app/. Pick out legislators who represent your district or who you know, or simply send your message to any legislators on the list. Legislators need to hear that you care about this proposal. Thank you. For additional information or if you have questions, please contact David Biklen, biklen@sbcglobal.net.