$15 Wage Update

United Church of Christ General Synod action. A $15/hour wage resolution was just overwhelmingly approved by the 2017 Synod of the United Church of Christ in Baltimore. Initiated by the Connecticut Conference, the $15/hour resolution was combined with a similar resolution calling for a “living wage.” The combined resolution calls for a $15 wage, then moving to a living wage. 

Connecticut $15 wage. The bill in the CT General Assembly for implementing a $15 wage over a five-year period was approved in one legislative committee and then died in another committee for lack of action (as did a great number of other bills this session because of a lack of agreement for a state budget). 

The journey for a decent wage has been one of hope and has been advanced by so many people. Thanks to all who worked so hard on these proposals and signed and distributed petitions and called our legislators. The journey will continue in the coming months.