Book Study: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Thursdays, September 21st and 28th, 6:15-7:30pm at Immanuel

Since 2011, Immanuel members and friends have joined together to discuss three books by the winners of the Harriet Beecher Stowe Prize for writing for social justice. This September, we invite you to join a discussion of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, the 2017 winner of the Stowe Prize. All three of the previous Stowe Prize winners have praised Stevenson’s book, which describes his personal experience defending vulnerable people trying to find justice within an unjust criminal justice system. Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls Bryan Stevenson “America’s young Nelson Mandela.” Rev. Isaac Lawson and Anne Stanback will lead this discussion. You can sign up using the sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall. Contact Anne at or 860-280-6896 with questions.