Giving Resource

Some people ask, “How much should I give?” That is a question that varies from person to person. But here are some guidelines to help in that discernment:

Scripture encourages us to give 10%, or a tithe, to the work of God’s kingdom. This has its roots in the agricultural economy of Israel, when a tenth of the crops harvested was set apart as an offering to God. This produce was used for works of mercy and temple needs. Generosity is a part of our heritage as people of faith!

Ten percent may be a hard goal to attain, and so reaching that goal depends a lot on people’s financial circumstances. Therefore, we encourage you to consider “stepping up” by 1% in your giving. Please remember: your giving, your generosity, comforts dying people, feeds the hungry, sings beautifully, proclaims the gospel, advocates for justice, builds peace in our city, and welcomes everyone. Your generosity creates miracles.

The chart below includes a giving chart, which may be helpful to you. We understand that not all of your giving goes to Immanuel. So, we would encourage you to consider where you are on the chart, and see if you can increase by 1%.


Once you have determined your pledge amount, please fill out the pledge card and return it to Immanuel. Your pledge helps us to make plans for the upcoming year, as we seek to feed God’s sheep, as we are also fed.