Immanuel--An Emergency Warming Shelter

Can you imagine being homeless when the temperatures are extremely low? Would you like to help a few families who come to Immanuel to get out of the cold in a safe place at night? When the City declares a “Severe Cold Weather Emergency,” Immanuel has agreed to host several homeless families – a maximum of 10 people overnight. The Council recently approved this effort, requested of many Hartford churches when federal funding was cut for this program.  

The City asks that Immanuel open its doors at 5pm to ten guests (parents and children) assigned to Immanuel. We provide dinner, snacks and a continental breakfast. Guests would leave by 7am. (If the weather advisory continues, they are encouraged to go to daytime warming shelters, such as Marshall House). The City provides cots and blankets.

Volunteers Needed: This effort requires us to have a list of potential volunteers who would respond to the Emergency call – usually 48 hours before the severe weather occurs. On a given night, we would need 10-12 volunteers to:  

  • serve dinner, host overnight (taking turns staying awake), and serve breakfast and

  • bring dinner (such as casserole or chili etc, salad, rolls or dessert) and breakfast (such as bagels and cream cheese).  

If you would like to volunteer to bring food, or to host at our shelter, please sign up in Fellowship Hall or contact Nancy and Mike Rion, who have offered to coordinate this effort. We hope to have a large number of sign ups, knowing that not everyone will be available to help when we get the call.

Thank you for considering how you might help our most vulnerable citizens be warm and safe at Immanuel when we have severely cold weather.