Second Hour Movie, Sunday, June 17th, following Worship: "I Am Not Alone," the Inspiring Story of Immanuel Member, Eric Jurado-Diaz

Join us for this movie that tells the inspiring story of Eric, a 56-year-old veteran grappling with how to live following a diagnosis of ALS. This unique documentary film will poignantly capture Eric’s journey toward acceptance, examining his resolve to live joyfully while embracing the new reality of a life with diminishing physical abilities.

Eric is one of approximately 5,000 diagnosed every year with this cruel and incurable disease. The “ice bucket challenge” was a cultural phenomenon that drew many people’s attention to ALS. Many people have heard of Lou Gehrig and Stephen Hawking, who lived many years and enjoyed a distinguished career, despite his profound disability. What many people don’t know is the more common story of an ALS diagnosis which is moderate to rapid physical deterioration and often death within 2-5 years. Veterans are twice as likely to contract ALS than the general population.