LAST CALL FOR WALKERS! Join Us for the 35th Annual Walk Against Hunger, this Saturday, May 5th

It’s fun! It’s an Immanuel tradition!  It’s good exercise. It’s an opportunity for great conversations!  It’s a chance to walk in Dunkin Donuts’ Park where the Yardgoats play! And most importantly, it supports a worthy cause!

Walk details: The Walk begins at 10am, Saturday, May 5th, at Dunkin Donuts Park. Come early (8:30am) for facepainting,  or pet the goats, get balloons and enjoy the food. The walk is less than 2 miles, returning to the Stadium.  Parking is free and conveniently close to the stadium.  And it’s fun!

Background:  The Walk against Hunger supports Foodshare of Greater Hartford whose goal this year is to raise $600,000.  For every $10 Foodshare receives, it distributes $100 worth of food to our hungry neighbors. Immanuel members have supported and participated in the Walk for many, many years;  we’ve had as many as 60 walkers and raised over $7,800!  Can we beat that record? Let’s keep up this worthy tradition! 

There’s an added benefit:  When you write a check to Foodshare - Walk Against Hunger, you can write Loaves and Fishes in the memo line so that our campus partner will receive that amount from Foodshare.  As you know, Loaves and Fishes, located at Immanuel, serves about 130 meals each day in their soup kitchen.  Ninety eight percent of their clients live below the poverty line.  When we contribute to the Walk Against Hunger, we are not just supporting Foodshare; we’re helping our neighbors who come for lunch at Loaves and Fishes.  It’s important!

To join in or with questions, contact Nancy Rion,, David Pettyjohn,, or members of the Social Action and Mission Committee. Here’s a chance to join our friends from Immanuel, see the Yardgoats stadium, get some exercise and know that we’re contributing to an important and worthy organization whose audacious goal is to end hunger.  Can't make the walk?  Please be generous when you donate to Foodshare – donation deadline is Sunday, May 6th.