All Invited to Participate: One Church, Two Books

There’s still time to participate in our ONE Church/TWO Books reading, and the deacons enthusiastically recommend that you do! Evicted, by Matthew Desmond, will open your eyes to the appalling cycle of eviction and poverty throughout our nation. We will discuss this important book on Thursdays,September 20th and 27th, 6pm, in the Chapel, and Sunday, September 30th, 11:15am, in the Chapel. Though all are welcome at all three sessions, the intent is for participants to attend either both Thursday sessions or the single Sunday session.

Alternately (or in addition!), you can read The Hate U Give. You will fall in love with Starr, the sixteen-year-old narrator of this book, and you’ll ache with her through her harrowing experiences. Angie Thomas is an extraordinary young author. Discussion groups for this book will be held Thursdays, October 25th and November 1st, 6pm, in the Chapel, with a special outing to see the movie version of the book on Sunday, October 28th.

Special note to all readers: if you have finished one or both books, please return them to the bookcases in Fellowship Hall!