An Invitation: Sign Petition to Urge CT Legislators to Vote YES in Support of SB 1003--An Act Concerning Single-Use Plastic and Paper Bags

This week, CT Senate Environmental Committee voted out of Committee to the General Assembly a bill/act “Concerning Single-Use Plastic Bags and Paper Bags. The act proposes to help eliminate pollution from single-use plastic bags by banning plastic checkout bags in Connecticut, as has been done in many other states and cities. Additionally, supporters of the bill support reusable bag use that each citizen can bring to use whenever they shop. (Please note: The Environmental Action Committee will soon make available to church members and friends a reusable fabric shopping bag that is portable and washable for a very nominal price.)

Supporters of the bill also are opposed to creating “loopholes for so called “compostable” plastic bags. Compostable bioplastics are designed to break down in an anaerobic digester and are NOT biodegradable in the natural environment. If disposed of improperly, compostable bags will continue to threaten aquatic wildlife, create more pollution, and create problems for municipal recyclers. Please consider signing the petition at the Advocacy Table after church this Sunday, March 31st.