Undoing Racism Training in June is fast approaching!

Our church has joined with other communities of faith and the Christian Activities Council to offer this most effective training again, June 11-13th. Sign up to become a better informed and better equipped person in our struggle to dismantle the structures of racism that underlie our society. Here’s what one Immanuel member says:

"I participated in the Undoing Racism Training last fall and learned a lot. After a lifetime of being taught and in turn teaching about racial equality, I thought I was “in the clear,” that I knew what it meant to be anti-racist. But I came out of the two-and-a-half day experience changed in mind and heart. I found myself in a big circle of people of faith and commitment sharing together. Through honest, sometimes painful conversation, our leaders skillfully brought us to fresh understanding of old history and helped us to redefine the road we are on. I can’t recommend it strongly enough."

To learn more or for registration instructions, please contact the church office, admin@iccucc.org,