Share Your Hopes for the Greater Hartford Community: Join Us after Worship this Sunday, August 18th

Immanuel members have been coming together in homes and at the church for a series of gatherings,
to deepen our relationships with each other and share our stories of justice and our hopes for our communities.

This is a part of our organizing work, as we are gathering groups of folks in people's homes and at the church, to talk about issues of justice that impact all of us. As some of you know, we are part of a larger group in Greater Hartford, recently named Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance (GHIAA). Over the summer, GHIAA is holding 300 house meetings.

Over 50 churches are doing these house meetings, so that GHIAA can gather stories and learn what issues we can effectively address in Greater Hartford. The idea is that the Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance wants to choose one or two issues to work on as a group. But they want the issues to come from the community itself, not from the leaders of the group. And that’s why we are having house meetings to share issues that have a personal connection to us.

There is no commitment beyond the gathering, but you may choose to get involved in what comes next. No matter what, though, it is an opportunity to gather and share stories.

We will gather groups in the Parlor, Chapel and Library, to share our stories and connect. Please join us after worship this Sunday, for an hour of sharing stories and connecting with one another. Light snack provided!