Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a positive and comprehensive program that helps participants to gain the knowledge, values, and skills to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives. It is designed to help adolescents:

  • Affirm and respect themselves as sexual persons (including their bodies, sexual orientation, feelings, etc.) and respect the sexuality of others

  • Increase comfort and skills for discussing and negotiating sexuality issues with peers, romantic partners and people of other generations

  • Explore, develop and articulate values, attitudes and feelings about their own sexuality and the sexuality of others

  • Identify and live according to their values

  • Increase motivation and skills for developing a just morality that rejects double standards, stereotypes, biases, exploitation, dishonesty and harassment

  • Acquire knowledge and skills for developing and maintaining romantic and/or sexual relationships that are consensual, mutually pleasurable, non-exploitative, safe, and based on respect, mutual expectations and caring

  • Increase knowledge and skills for avoiding unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

  • Express and enjoy sexuality in healthy and responsible ways at each stage of their development

  • Assess the impact of messages from family, culture, religion, media, and society on sexual thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors

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Immanuel offers two age-segregated segments for adolescents when their parents/guardians choose to enroll their young people for this program; grades 6th-8th and grades 9th-12th. Currently, these sessions are held in 4 weekend blocks over two years with one Friday evening and Saturday in the fall season and one Friday evening and Saturday in the winter season for two consecutive years. 

Please contact Tracy Gormley for more information about this program and when the next block of sessions is scheduled to commence for your desired age segment.