Immanuel House

In the 1960’s, the people of Immanuel Congregational Church felt it was time to begin a new venture. Making use of low-interest Government loans, they developed a not-for-profit corporation named Immanuel Church Housing Corporation and constructed a high-rise directly across the street from the church. The building was named Immanuel House, and it opened its doors in 1971.

In the ensuing forty years, Immanuel House has been recognized as a leader in the provision of housing and a supportive services environment to Hartford-area elders. In June 1995,
Immanuel House was selected by HUD and the Administration on Aging as one of their “Best Practices” awardees.

Immanuel House provides 120 independent living units and 70 assisted living units for Hartford’s elderly population. It prides itself in being “A Home Where Love Has Truly Come to Live.”

Immanuel Congregational Church is proud of over 40 years of history with Immanuel House. Our children delight the residents when they visit wearing Halloween costumes. Residents smile, cry and sing along when our choir visits to sing Christmas carols and anthems.

For more information, contact Immanuel member Steve Law.