In 2004, the Social Action and Mission Committee of Immanuel Church went to Noah Webster School and asked, “What can we do for you?” The principal described their need for a Family Resource Center, and within two years, with help from other congregations, we provided it. Then the committee went back and asked again, and this time the answer was, “Tutors to help our students who struggle with learning to read.” So we began a tutoring program. It was so successful that four years ago, another Hartford school, Sarah Rawson School asked if we could replicate the program there.

Now over 60 tutors from Immanuel and other churches work with over 60 children each day in the two schools. Volunteers commit to visiting the school one morning a week for 90 minutes to work with three students, 30 minutes per student. We see ourselves as partners with the children we tutor. We listen, accept, encourage, focus, laugh and sometimes cry together. Volunteers are particularly needed at Rawson School in Hartford. If you are available 8:30-10 AM any school day morning – the children need you. We provide the materials and teach you how to help these struggling children who want to learn how to read.

Learning that some Rawson families could not afford Christmas presents for their children, Immanuel generously supports a Mitten Tree, providing Christmas presents for each first grader at Rawson.

For more information and to volunteer, contact Immanuel members, Martha Hess about Rawson, or Dorrie Brass about Webster.