What We Believe

Immanuel Congregational Church, United Church of Christ strives to live out its vision as the church that loves and works for justice.


Our Statement of Purpose:

This church shall have for its purpose the public worship of God through Christ, the preaching and teaching of the Christian Gospel and the cultivation of Christ-like character. Its purpose shall also be to promote fellowship and unity, alleviate poverty and suffering, increase knowledge, extend justice and in all other possible ways to advance the kingdom of God, both locally and throughout the world.

In recent years, the congregation of Immanuel Church has voted to extend its mission in three important ways:

  • As a Just Peace Church we seek to encourage reconciliation, forgiveness and peacemaking as core virtues in a world that prizes violence and aggression.
  • As an Open and Affirming Congregation we seek to offer a particular welcome to gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people, many of whom have felt exclusion from the life of the church as a result of their sexual orientation.
  • And we have accepted with joy the experience of becoming a multicultural, multiracial community where God’s new reign is glimpsed through the coming together of people from different backgrounds, races and abilities.

Immanuel Congregational Church is part of the United Church of Christ. Formed in 1957 by thejoining of the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church, the UCC is a denomination that is modeling justice by voting to become Open & Affirming, Just Peace, and to embrace prophetic hospitality.

Below is the text of the Immanuel Church Covenant, recited each time new members are received into the life of the church.

The Immanuel Church Covenant:

Our Covenant With God And With Each Other Calls Us:

To affirm our oneness with the Church of Jesus Christ, uniting as a family in worship and service;

To worship God in word and music and by striving to live lives filled with justice, mercy and humility;

To love all people, embracing their diversity and treating everyone with dignity;

To dedicate ourselves in principle and action to promote peace and justice;

To find the God in each of us;

To walk together in all God’s ways, serving our community and the world;

To protect God’s creation, this earth and all that live upon it; and

To support each other on our spiritual journeys with open minds, loving hearts, and our personal talents and means.